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Ignition switch wonít go to lock position on my 74

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Hello fellas my ignition switch would not go back to the lock position and now it wonít even start, I switched out the ignition cylinder and it still wonít go back to lock , any input would be appreciated I bought this truck with the calum stick converted to floor shift automatic

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So is it an automatic column or a manual column?

Automatic column

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Sounds like the part in the column that follows the shift action has moved from the park position.

On edit - on brother's c10, we cut the rod that went from the quadrant under the hood and welded it to the steering column webbing so it wouldn't move. A usable solution but the steering wheel won't lock any more.

Does the action of turning it to the start position feel normal and engages the starter? If that feels normal can you put the gearshift all the way in park. Does it have a good feel from reverse to park.Can you push the lever up towards park while try to turn key? If you can your linkage is probably out of adjustment. If you still canít disconnect the linkage at transmission and try again. There is a possibility that the ignition switch rack is broken in the column.


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