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454 swapped k10 kind of a mess going on with the engine harness, can I wire my alternator directly to battery for simplicity?  My fusible links have been replaced but something isn't working right and I feel like the stock wiring is a bit redundant, does the larger red wire from junction block go straight to starter? I believe the fusible link wire on the junction block goes to alternator but is there a way to eliminate this? Purple wire is to starter solenoid correct ?  Is there a more efficient setup for the junction block and alternator?  Where does the red wire coming out of bulkhead go ? The truck will be a cruiser and not a daily driver. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you.

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Most of your questions about the original wiring configuration can be answered by studying the 1983 Wiring Manual.  Yes, there are more efficient ways to connect the alternator but all have pros/cons and require careful planning so as not to lose original functionality or create potential safety concerns (aka, smoke).  It seems you're pursuing the best outcome by understanding how the original wiring is configured... and why... before making changes.  Once you've perused the manual there is plenty of help available to achieve your goals.


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