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NightFury - 1982 Silverado Build

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Hello all! I have been a long time creeper of this site. Got my account and thought Id share my build from the last couple of years. Back story, I had this truck when I was 15 and bought it from mowing lawns. I took my wife to prom in it, (I asked her to be my girlfriend with that dollar, she was a car hop at sonic :) )learned everything I could with my old man about drivetrains, and sold it to go to college. A few years in my job I found it and bought it back! I decided to build it like my 16 year old self would have. I have a small shop in Oologah, which gave birth to my part time business. Ill try to document it from here out better. This pickup went through the Moore OK tornado before I bought it back.

The NightFury has a protouring feel which may not be everyone's cup of tea, its inspired by dreamworks... HTTYD :D

Jake M

above, wife and I going to prom in 2009, parents driveway before I sold it, and day I bought it back. Below, tear down

Front suspension design prototyping phase.. 1st/2nd iterations

3rd iteration IFS and rear 4 link fab/design prototype. Also motor mounts and trial fit with the lq4/4l80e combo.

Clean up and finalized prototype chassis suspension, the front is all bolt on. Ceramic coated. LQ4 installed mocked up. This took a few times to get right  ;D


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