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1975 K20 Scottsdale - I have no end game in mind ...

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So I acquired this 1975 K20 free (free things always end up costing the most).  It's turned into a project to mess with when I don't have any meaningful projects that have to get done.

When I acquired it the previous - previous owner had started a 52" front spring swap with a heavy duty Dana 44 he got from a friend.  It was a disaster.  He claimed matching gears front and rear of which neither were what he said they were and they were both different.  I ended up buying an inexpensive 10-bolt front axle with 4:10's (to match the rear) but unfortunately what was supposed to be an open front diff was welded which I didn't want.  So dropped in an ebay limited slip and new gears and have the axle installed.

Engine started after sitting for I'm guessing around 4 years.  Pretty rough but enough to move it over to my side of the work shed.  Engine now barely runs so I'll just pull it when I have time and do a refresh.  I'm actually guessing the gas is bad but there are so many obvious items needing attention I might as well pull it.  That's where it sits now and who knows when I free up to dive into it further.  I'll post up whenever there is anything worth posting.  Lots of nice projects on this site!

Free is an incredible price  8)

Free is my favorite....that's how I became the owner of 4 squares.

Rompin' stompin' Mickey Thompson!  8)

Wow what a mess! But Free is good...

I thought 'well the windshield is at least good' in the first pic-not so in the second.

I would look real close for more rust in the 'heck holes' areas before committing to a full on 'project' redo...just saying  8)


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