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Which spray for window felts


I am hoping somebody knows all the window tricks on these trucks. I have heard to spray the felts inside the door with silicone spray, but I don't have any experience with silicone spray. Which spray does everybody use?

Next question.

What else can be done to improve the speed of the power windows. I have replaced both sides with new AC Delco brand motors and regulators. I have done the relay mod. After that the driver's side improved a lot but the passenger side is still slow. Do I need to replace those felts that run down inside the door? Is it a difficult job to do? Thank you.

Big Dee:
Howdy, mine does this also. The felts are not easy but can be eased in the channel with foaming window cleaner. new felts will make things tighter.
check function with the regulator out, slide the window up and down by hand to see where the friction is and adjust.
clean,inspect and grease the rollers after checking for there proper function.
if all works well lubrication should not be needed
Silicone is somewhat permanent as it has no solvent to clean off.
I use a small bit of rainX on a rag or cotton wipe to apply a tiny bit where there is high friction.
silicone is very bad for window tinting, body work and paint. your skin and lungs and the floor.
use with caution!

I have manual windows, so I can't speak to the power window questions. But I did the window channel rubber on my driver door after rebuilding the vent window, and it wasn't a hassle at all. I just fished it past the glass. I seem to remember there being some clips on the back of the channel liner that pinned into receivers on the track, all I had to do was get the channel to the right spot and push and they popped into place. Overall I found replacing the window channel to be the easiest part of the process, getting the window glass in and out of the regulator was a pain, I scratched my door. And rebuilding the vent was also a bit of a tedious process.

I used PB's white spray lithium to grease the regulator rollers, hinge points and such, and PB's spray silicone to lube the inside of the window channel. Just poke the nozzle into the top of the channel, wrap a rag around the tube, and spray for a couple seconds, then run the window up and down.


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