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What SEM spray to redo panels

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Hello again. I am currently refurbishing my trucks interior. It is a 1987 model and the color is Saddle. I need to repaint the door panels. However! The SEM color for Saddle looks brown. So that's not right. It does not look like a butter scotch color which is my truck's interior color from the factory. Here is a link below:


If you scroll down on that page you can see that someone posted a pic of their results on a door panel. Clearly it is brown. The Saddle color in my 87 is a much lighter tan color than that. So I am hoping that somebody here can tell me the right SEM color to redo my interior plastics.

Thank you

I have attached the color code. But on the back of my door panel I saw that it says Saddle. The sticker is from my glove box.

I have a few cans of that and it is Saddle Tan, not the Dark Saddle you think it is. OER PP818 is Dark Saddle.


--- Quote from: VileZambonie on August 06, 2022, 08:11:19 AM ---OER PP818 is Dark Saddle.

--- End quote ---

Yes mine is definitely the lighter color not the darker one. Do you happen to have the color code from your lighter cans?

Thank you

You want 62AN



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