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What SEM spray to redo panels

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--- Quote from: VileZambonie on August 09, 2022, 04:58:32 PM ---Clean the panels and wipe them with prep all. Adhesion promoter will not melt them.

--- End quote ---

Had to do some checking to find everything out. If you want to use SEM you either have the paint shop mix up the exact color (about $30) or you hope amazon has your color (about $20).

You have to check to see if you have ABS plastic by using Acetone on the back. If it makes a little melted spot, you got ABS and you have to use one type of adhesion promoter. If it's not ABS then you have some kind of weird recycled plastic thing and it calls for a different promoter. If you are using SEM you got no choice but to figure out which. The rep said it won't stick nearly as well without it. Maybe they just want to sell more but I don't want to find out the hard way.

Thank you to everyone for the info and help.

Just looking for opinions on this. If you scroll down on this page. Do you think that center console at the very bottom is close to the factory color?


Apparently we do not have ABS plastic. I could not get 100% Acetone to "melt" or eat into the back of the door panel at all. The panel was immune. Here's what SEM says to do:

"Place a drop of acetone on the back of the
plastic. Rub with your gloved finger.

If the plastic smears and melts, it is ABS.
Use Sand Free Adhesion Promoter.

If the acetone does not have an effect on
the plastic, use XXX Adhesion Promoter
or Plastic Adhesion Promoter."


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