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What SEM spray to redo panels

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Do you know if the interior panels are ABS plastic? I have to figure out which adhesion promoter to use. Otherwise some things are saying it will melt.

Thank you

Most likely it is ABS plastic!


--- Quote from: Mike81K10 on August 08, 2022, 04:36:19 PM ---Most likely it is ABS plastic!

--- End quote ---

If so then you don't use any adhesion promoter, only alcohol I guess. Or acetone.

Did mine with Plasticoat rattle cans and did use their plastic primer without any problems but not happy with the colour, I think I need the lighter shade saddle mentioned above as my interior is not brown, more a sandy kind of colour.

Clean the panels and wipe them with prep all. Adhesion promoter will not melt them.


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