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Behind the seat Cardboard Tool Box

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Finally made a storage tray to replace the fiber board boxes that don't hold up for me. I had some thin oak boards left over from a Grandfather clock case build. Boards were planed to 0.3" and edge joined for width. Corners are screwed and glued using a 7/16" square stick for durability. My favorite upholsterer covered the outside with a dark vinyl and the inside with Velcro-able style carpeting. A small dot of Velcro hook on the bottom of a tool box will keep it from moving around. The whole thing attaches to the cab using Velcro strips.

nice, bench seat still go all the way back?

Yes the seat goes fill travel. I like how the dark brown covering seems to disappear behind the seat.

By the way, this is how the seat looked in 2019...

That's keen Geezer!  8)


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