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Seeking interior assistance and expertise


Hello from the VA/DC area!

Vehicle: 78 C10 (Big10) with 116k mi.

I just purchased this truck. Other than a slow leak in the master cylinder, it runs and drives great. I want to prioritize restoring the interior first, as its the most beat up.

Ive looked at all of the sites, and none seem to have the perfect solution. Before I make a mistake and go down a path I might have to change later, I was hoping to get some advice from other owners and experts.

Id like to replace the cracked dash pad, the door panels, and get the seat recovered. Beyond that, Id also consider a new gauge set, carpet and headliner too.

I am not trying to restore the vehicle to stock, and I am open to adjustments (different door panels for example) but Im not trying to go full custom. Maybe a restomod middle ground? Id also consider both the original brownish (?) color or even a color swap.

I plan to do the work myself.

Budget: $3000?

1- Do you recommend one supplier over another? Would you go with a kit?
2- is it better to buy everything from one place?
3- are there any speed bumps you wish you knew before you started?
4- is it smarter to just buy new mounting hardware too?

Thank you in advance! Ive scanned the boards pretty hard first before this post, so hopefully Im not repeating something already addressed.


First repair the master cylinder leak, probably need a new one. Second, check out local salvage yards and see if they have any 73-87 C/K10 trucks that may have parts you can use. Third, This forum has a parts store. Fourth, conduct web searches and compare parts and prices and try to stay away from made in China parts. The forum does not like members recommending parts suppliers, some are banned from mentioning. Mechanical is first priority, you can make slow repairs while you drive it over time.

Thanks Mike. Good info- I appreciate your time.

You may check  local upholsty shops.  Ask around to find some with a good reputation. I had my dash covered and it was only like $300.  You could probably get headliner, visors, seat, doos and dash done for well under what you have to spend and have enough to get gauges and carpet.

Nice rig, same color as a '80 I'm working on. I love that color.

Can you post pics of the outside pls?


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