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Where can I find bench new bench seat springs?


I was riding down the road today and felt a pop. Now I sit a bit lower in the seat. So I took out the bench seat. Yep broke a spring. Seems I am missing 4 springs in total. The local junkyard wants to sell me a whole seat, they won't let me pull parts of the one they got. They said try the big name auto parts stores. Said they may have a "Dorman spring cabinet". So I tried 3 different auto parts stores. No dice.

Anyone know where I can order them online? They're just the little 3 inch long springs that are on the bottom of the bench seat.

Try ACE Hardware or Tractor Supply type stores.

Are you talking about the coil spring or the grid springs?

Just the little coil springs. Not that big one that covers the whole underside.

Reproductions are available. Google 81-87 seat spring and you will find several vendor listings


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