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Long story short, ended up frying my original GM Delco radio. Does anyone have good experience with one of the aftermarket "retro" radios. I don't care about bluetooth, mp3 or usb connections. Although an aux would be nice. I am using my single dash-mount factory (new) speaker, no customization whatsoever. Or should I just find another GM Delco on ebay? This one looks pretty clean, but pricy. All I listen to is talk radio, no need to spend too much...


I saw the Retro Sound on the site store, anyone have that?

If it were me, I would search out a stock replacement that has been gone through by a radio tech.

Yeah, it looks like thats the deal with the ebay link i posted...,,not many radio techs out there that test these things on a bench, refurbish and sell..

If the Guy advertises as a radio tech, why not ask him about refurbishing yours.

Mr Diesel:
For a radio pulled from a scrap yard truck, wiped clean, then put up for sale on Ebay $200+ shipping is pretty steep. That is what "refurbished" usually means .


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