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Does anyone have a box to store small items like oil bottles etc behind their seat? Post pics if you can please. My truck is a daily driver and I want to keep the bare necessities behind my seat instead of in a box in the bed.

Rapid Roy:
The cardboard OE trays deteriorate over years. I did my own measurements and made one. Wasn't that hard. I also lightly stained it. My pics are too large to attach.

I have an aluminum shelf in the upstairs if my father's barn that I pulled out of my 85 c10 20yrs ago. It is the full length of the bench seat. Has 2 shelves with a lip on them to keep things from falling out. The seat could go all the way back without interference.  I doughty it was stock by gm. But is this what you are thinking of? If so, I can get pics for you next time I'm over there. It is simply made, but effective.

Did this a while back...

Thanks everyone. Swampyankee74: I'd like to see what you have if it isn't too much trouble to get it out and take pics. Thanks


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