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Gauge cluster death after power washing engine


All my gauges died after I used the power washer to clean the engine bay. I always try to be careful, but apparently the 87 truck didn't think I was careful enough. So I removed the cluster, and I have confirmed it's got a good ground.

But when I checked the power wire with the multimeter, it's only showing millivolts, not volts. So that must be the problem. No power.

But I have no idea which wire that would be, on the other side of the firewall. I'm assuming it goes out through that big square bulkhead plug.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Did you check the gauges fuse?

If the fuse is good, more likely you have saturated the bulkhead plug.

Use compressed air or just let it dry out. OR stick a blow dryer aimed at the block, just not too close.  ;)


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