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What years of square bodies had Voltmeters in the dash and what years had Ammeters?  I suspect my 1974 chevy C10 stepside originally had an ammeter but now has a voltmeter.  The instrument panel plastic is going to need replacement sometime down the road as it is cracking in many places where it mounts to the dasho   I don't know how this is supposed to be, but I got a 1973 instrument panel for parts only to discover it had an ammeter in it.  So getting the right year of used panel is pretty imperative.....  thanks for your help as usual. 

My 74 gmc c15 has an ammeter guage. As far as I know the dash is all original. 

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My 76 Cheyenne has a voltmeter.

Ammeters were factory installed in the 1967 - 1975 C/K model trucks.

Voltmeters were factory installed in the 1976 - 1991 C/K/R/V model trucks.

A factory voltmeter in a 1973 C/K means that the cluster was replaced with a newer style at some point.

Thanks much!  Will look for a 76 or newer for replacement. 


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