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Gas Gauge issue

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The way I did it on my 78 SWB was take out the rear cab mount bolts. Loosen front cab bolts and then us a floor jack and a piece of flat 2x4 on the rear of the cab to tilt it. Then put some wood blocks between the frame and cab at the cushion mounts. You do not have to loosen the radiator support but you can if you feel it will put to much stain on them. You can easily access the top of the tank. If you need to take the tank out I would drain it.

Thanks, wwaaaayyyyy  to involved for that.  I might just leave it alone and let it be my buffer.  That way if I hit "E", I will know I have at least 2-3 gallons left.

Here is another thing you can try. The sending unit is variable resistor. Itís 88 ohms for full. 44 ohms for midpoint. And 1 ohm for empty. You can buy these resistors online cheap. If you can identify the wire from the sending unit to gauge, you can disconnect from the sending unit and hook up the resistor from the wire leading to the gauge and then to ground with key on to determine the accuracy of the gauge.



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