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77 C10 Custom Deluxe Cluster Removal


Any tips on getting the cluster out? I have the wire harness disconnected, but I cannot get the Speedo cable to slip off.

Additionally, I have the mechanical link behind my oil gauge with a threaded fitting. Any tips on getting this off? I cannot pull the cluster out very far without these binding.

Mr Diesel:
The speedo has a clip on the bottom that holds cable in place. Sometimes you can reach up there with your hand and just push it, or push with a long flathead screwdriver while pulling back on cable sleeve. I dont have access to any pics right now but DuckDuckGo some search terms like "Chevy speedo cable".

This ^^^^^.  If the truck has A/C, remove the driver-side A/C duct that crosses under the steering column.  With the instrument cluster firmly secured in the dash, while kneeling on the floor use your left hand to reach up behind the cluster from below and wrap your fingers around the cable with your thumb pointing toward the speedometer head.  Remove the cable from the speedometer by pushing the spring retaining tab toward the cluster with your left thumb while simultaneously pulling the cable away from the cluster with your left hand.

Removing the pressure tube from the oil gauge can be a PITA.  Due to limited accessibility, use a compact open-end wrench that properly fits the tube nut at the gauge attachment.  If the gauge has a back-up nut, support it with a wrench when loosening or tightening the line nut.  Be careful that you don't overtighten the line nut during subsequent reinstallation.  Depending on the configuration, you may find it beneficial to disconnect the pressure tube from the engine first, allowing the tube to slip more freely through the firewall providing additional line slack.

Thanks for all the help guys. I will give it a go this weekend. My speedo cable seems to be particularly stubborn. I guess thatís what happens when itís on there for 50 years.


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