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1987 R10 Silverado Instrument cluster bulb replacements


My check engine light is burned out and wanting to upgrade or replace all the bulbs in the cluster. I dont have the cluster out yet and Im trying to get a shopping list together before I do. I know there are 12 bulbs in the cluster but don't know which ones are 161, 168 or 194 bulbs. looking to get a count so I can pick them up or swap out to LED's. If I get LED's I will need to get dimmable versions and ones that will fit. Has someone already don't this and can you share your insight with me. The truck is a 87 Silverado with gauges and clock in lower Left spot.

You will be safe using 194 bulbs throughout.  If you convert to LEDs, you may discover that the dimmer rheostat functions differently, meaning that dimming is no longer linear across full rotation of the dimmer.  This occurs because of the great decrease in current flow presented by LEDs when compared to incandescent filaments.  Workarounds are possible but may require a little bit of experimentation to tailor dimmer function the way you want it.  On the other hand, LEDs will brighten the dash display remarkably, dependent on the style of LEDs employed.

 :) Thanks, I was planning on updating the dash at one point so 194's for now and that will get me going.
I have a  problem where the truck will be running just fine and then momentarily stumble like missing a fire sequence catch itself and keep going. I am hoping the ECM will help me if a code is stored. other than reading the check engine light in diag mode Im not sure how to get them. hence the bulb refresh. Thanks for your help

I recently changed out my 194 bulbs to what the packaging online said were "Extra Bright"... um, not so much.

New boss same as the old boss. Dim.

So I would recommend what I'm going to do, 'Trust but verify'

Oh, per bd's warning about dimming, the easy work around is to leave an incandescent (original) 194 in a non essential location, i.e. ashtray, wiper switch. It will fake out the rheostat/dimmer by supplying a suitable load to dim. 


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