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1986 Courtesy under dash light


So I have switched all of my lights to LED, headlights, tail lights, side lights, gauge lights.  I have a courtesy light under the dash that the incandescent Bulb went out, so I decided to change it to LED as well, but the bulb does not work.  I had replaced the relay to one that operates LED lights as part of the headlight and blinker conversion.  Does something special need to be done like that to the courtesy light in order for that to run LED as well?  Fuse is okay, and I donít think itís the jam switch or the headlight dash switch as they are pretty new.  Any advice in much appreciated!!  TIA!

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Two styles of socket were used for courtesy lamps.  Do the number of contacts on the bottom of the LED match the number of contacts in the bottom of the socket?  If the bulb has two contacts that match the socket, try rotating the LED 180į.

I will look and let you know.

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