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gauge cluster wiring

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Pulled my cluster this weekend to find out why I still can't get any dash lights.  Found out that there is one bulb at the upper right corner that does not seem to be part of the flat circuit.  It has one black wire going to it, and in my case this wire is cut.  I can't find the other end of it.

Anyone know what the story is with that?  

Sounds like the fiber optic "wire" that illuminates the Ash tray. Chris Lucas
Project Su
Jimmy 2WD Project

I'm gonna say it's the light for the fuel gage-if  it fits in the cluster right at the top corner.  

check fuse,than check headlight switch,that bulb with the black wire is a optic light for the ash tray.

Z28 c10:
Had same problem with my '81,(dash lights) I actually ran a jumper from bulb ground to the dash. It grounded out and the lights work great. Do check your switch to make sure that you've got power first.


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