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Need to know some hints or tricks here ???

79 Chevy Scottsdale w/ upgraded gauge package featuring voltage, temp, oil pressure, fuel, speedo/odo.  Problem I have is that not a single gauge works.  The only guage I can get to do ANYTHING is the temp gauge seems to act like a voltage gauge, meaning it pulses w/ the turn signal, headlights, brakelights, sort of like an overstrained voltage gauge.  The speedo must have stopped long ago, as the truck was advertised w/ 180k on it and it shows 164k on it.  There is also NO backlighting whatsoever on any instruments other than the wiper switch. 

What do I need to start checking for?  Are each individual sensor bad or could this be one big electrical problem? 

Sounds to me like someone put the wrong year gauge cluster in it. Could be other problems but the pulsing temp gauge reminds me of when years back I tried putting a 76 gauge cluster in and 84 truck. Spedo could be the spedo, cable, or the gear reduction thing a ma jig on the transfer case.

Well, I discovered that the fuel gauge works as long as the headlights aren't on.  If I turn the headlights on, the fuel gauge quits.  Sounds to me like there is a ground that's gone bad.  What is the location of the common ground(s)?

There are several grounds on the parking brake bracket. Plus a few under the hood for lights & motor to frame and body. should be one from bed to frame, & one behind right tail light assembly.

Ok.  I'll check that location tonight.  I was able to snip the ground to the fan blower motor and make the heater stop!  It was a tad bit warm, ALL THE TIME.  I'll install a switch or fuse to that and turn it on in cold weather. 


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