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My 1980 Chevy C10 Restomod

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Just checking out some older project pics.....how have things been progressing? Do you have new pic's?

Nothing as of late, my compressor is down and i am trying to get a car in my shop done so i can continue with the truck.I been collecting NOS pieces for the truck and i got a pile of parts on a rollaway cart ready to get powder coated.

p.s. i did manage to get the cab corners cut out and new ones trimmed to fit and 1 side is done and just waiting on my compressor to finish the other side

doing pretty much the same thing with my 78. starting with suspension first and gonna have the frame powder coated most likely. how much did that run you to get the frame like that if you dont mind tellin?

Actually i didnt powdercoat the frame, its a coating like POR 15 called KP coatings(i`ll get the name correct after).I had to prep the frame and then use a water style etching then 2 good coats of this stuff, i put it on with a roller and the paint flowed real nice.I did the rearend as well and it came out great.I plan on doing the front suspension pieces and wherever else bare metal is exposed.I did inside of the cowl where the wiper arms sit and down both sides where the water escapes and i plan on doing inside of the cab floor.Overall its gonna take some time but it should look good when done.


looks good so far..thats where I was about 2 years ago..it's alot of work,but worth it ;D


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