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89' K5 resto/lil beef/daily driver
« on: October 30, 2007, 07:59:23 AM »
Well, I've got my 89' K5 that I just kinda drive and work on when I have time. It needs a lot of work but the drivetrain is mostly sound and bulletproof. I'll just list the mods and then my hopefull mods. I don't off-road the vehicle regularly so its mostly a mall crawler.

Truck is power everything from the factory and it all works except for the cruise control. AC is ice cold.

Current Mods:
-GM tbi crate 350
-true dual exhaust thats falling apart
-th350 w/tci manual valvebody(soon to be freshened up with more BEEF)
-B&M torkmaster tq converter
-Derale dual core trans. cooler, going to work on making the elec. fan work with it soon
-241c, I had it inspected, new shift fork pads were installed otherwise in great condition
-10 bolts F & R, front has 3.73's, rear has 2.73's, I have a plan!
-fresh brakes all around
-new shocks all around
-new steering stabilizer
-32x11.5's timberline A/T on 15x10 black steel rims
-Lowe's home made carpet
-02' silverado front bucket seats w/seatbelts
-cd/mp3 player w/aftermarket speakers

Future Plans:
ASAP Plans
-rebuild the tranny w/Alto rebuild kit and such. <--- Did you know? Alto makes the entire rebuild kits? Plant is 15 mins. from my parents house. This is going to happen when I get home from offshore on Nov. 13th.
-aluminum wheels, I've got my eye on some if the guy doesn't sell them before I get home.
-B&M trans gauge
-B&M deep tranny pan
-tint windows
-finish interior
-paint everything
-Possibility going to take advantage of this!
If I put on layaway now, andthen I can take delivery of the trans around mid July. Then I'll look at upping the gearing.

new converter and cooler

The Mall Crawler

DOH dent in the quarter from PO.

Lowes Carpet

02' Silverado Seats

Possible future with the redheaded co-pilot? I sure hope it works out. We've dated here and there for the past 6 years. More off than on dating. I was nervous about what she thought about the truck. After a trip to the beach on the way home she asked if we could roll the windows down. Well yeah we sure can! Her only complaints were that she needs a small step to get inside, and replace the center console with a jump seat. Said she feels like she is light years away from me sitting in the passenger seat. Now if I can just keep from screwing this up, life will be good.

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Re: 89' K5 resto/lil beef/daily driver
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Looks like a fun project, good luck with it and her :)