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Stripped thread on door jamb switch

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My '76 C-20 has a door jamb switch that stripped out. It will still thread into the sheet metal hole but will not tighten up. It still works but I would like to make it a more solid install. Does anyone have any ideas on how to repair or modify?

Put a couple of tacks and then redrill it to size unless you don't have access to a welder.

Rapid Roy:
I have not had this happen. My first thought would be to try aluminum foil or aluminum tape on the threads only, press around thread area and see if that will work. If not, I may try JB Weld.

I have not had to do a door jamb switch yet but in the past I usually make a hook out of a piece copper wire and lay it in the hole then install the bolt/switch/whatever, clip the excess and I'm done.

As long as it is able to make a ground connection, whatever works with the resources you have.


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