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Removing Selectro Hubs



I am having a rather difficult time (stumped actually) getting the Selectro front hubs off in order to replace the rotors on my '83 K30.  Would appreciate any insight into what I need to do.

I did manage to remove the three screws and get the cap off, but that is where the road ended.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you didn't get very far. Did you read the procedure in the manual? http://www.73-87chevytrucks.com/techinfo/7387CKMans//Service/ST_330_83_1983_Chevrolet_Light_Duty_Truck_10_to_30_Service_Manual.pdf

Also, depending on which ones you have on there and which axle is installed, you can look up the instructions on the hubs for assembly/disassembly, and then just follow the procedure for the wheel bearings and rotor swap.


Thanks, Vile.  I checked the manual, but did not find anything useful.  There is a lot of useful information in there that will be beneficial, though.  Perhaps a picture is indeed worth a 1000 words.

This is the hub and I have removed the metal spring steel ring that looked like it was holding things in.  No such luck.  I cannot see anything else that is removable.

Follow the instructions for the hubs and then follow the instructions for the wheel bearings and races.



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