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Pulling an axle?

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Here is my front axle I waited 9+ months to get.

Overall its ok, but not impressed with a couple areas. Clown didn't realize the dust shields needed to go on first, so I get to pull the spindles. Meh. Another thing was he pressed in 2 types of upper ball joints - one side is a Moog (as usual, Moog wasn't smart enough to put the correct part in the correctly labeled box 2x in a row), so he put another brand in the other side. He didn't realize the second brand had a 90 degree zirc fitting, so it was pressed in almost too far ccw to get a zirc in the hole. Guy who was supposed to do this axle was retired from Dana (40yrs) and does them in his sleep....but of course he had to have some surgery so this slug did them instead. Not impressed for the time and money involved, but for the area we are sentenced to live in, its as good as it gets.

Anyways.....I want to remove the 2 upper ball joints and replace them both with 90 degree zircs properly positioned so I can grease them with normal access. This issue will never be easier to correct than now.

Since my spindles are coming off, I believe I have to pull the axle to get the ball joint out. QUESTION: will that damage the new seal that was just put in?

Also....this is a corporate 10 bolt - does the diff cover have to come off to pull the axles? IIRC it doesn't, but not 100% sure.


Your new ball joints should come with boots so...

You are correct about not having to open the diff to pull the axles. Both inner and outer axle come out after the spindle is removed.

No it will not damage the seal as long as you use grease on axle splines for the re-install and a little common sense and care. It'll slide right in.

Should the axles pull out without taking the knuckle off? The u-joints will not clear the opening....and I know I have seen guys pull broken axles on site when they needed to. Lower ball joint needs an 1-1/8 box wrench to get it loose - of course all I have a 1 and 1-1/4. Got a socket I could use if the axle would pull out.

Just wondering WTH they did to get these cobbled now. I am an enth degree from parting this money pit out and walking away.

IDK :o

 I pulled both of mine straight out to change the U-joints!


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