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Hello from Ohio!  My son wanted an old square for his first vehicle, so he got a job at the local tire shop this summer and we happen to find an old 84 K10 in decent shape body wise... So we went out and bought it for his 16th birthday!  Southern California truck.  Somebody brought it back here to Ohio and did some work to it, from what it looks like it was quite a while ago.  The engine is a built 383 stroker.  It was badly out of time and it had some fuel delivery issues also some electrical issues with the rear lights.   We just got that all sorted out finally this afternoon after about a month of troubleshooting. He was absolutely thrilled tonight as he was able to drive it to his first high school football game!  It's got a lot of little issues here and there but we are plugging away at it.  Boy, does this truck bring back a lot of good memories from back in the early '90s when I myself was learning to drive.  My first truck was a 1980 C10 and my brother had a 77 K20 with a snow plow. 

Beautiful truck, and welcome from Tucson, AZ!

Welcome from the St. Louis, MO area!

Welcome From So Cal San Diego!

Great find, nice project!

Seeing those boys looking under the engine brought back memories of my first look, wondering 'what is all this stuff?'

I was talking to a young man about how the current generation have had no experience relative to two generations ago, when we had to 'tune up' our cars/trucks or they would run like crap and get even more horrible mileage.

I recalled to him an episode of "Leave it to Beaver" when Wally declined an invite because he had just put new "rings" in his car that needed breaking in.

Sheepish grin and a blank stare is all I got in return...God save us... ::)

Welcome,nice truck

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