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New Member w/my Dad's 84 C10

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Hey everyone, thanks for the add. My Dad and I were preparing to work on his 84 C10 when he unexpectedly passed away last December. I inherited the truck and plan to continue his plans for it and hopefully finish it! Hoping this site and everyone here can help me out as I'm sure I will need it! TIA!!

My sympathies for your Dad, but I'm glad you're carrying on building up/saving a Square!  Welcome from Tucson, AZ!

My condolences on your father.  Refurbishing his C10 in his honor will be a wonderful tribute.  Welcome from Central California!

Welcome from SoCal San Diego!

Sorry about your dad. I'd like to hear more about him. So he bought it new in '84?

We look forward to your progress and be assured, you're in the right place.

I (and others) have richly benefited from what I call the "Brain Trust".


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