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First off, I wanted to say thank you for adding me to the community.

My problem is that, I have no power on the turn signal fuse or flasher. I traced the brown wire from the turn signal fuse on the fuse block, to the ignition switch, and that brown wire has no power. Brand new ignition switch, the truck will turn over and run so I know that at least  part of the ignition switch works.

I have headlights, taillights, marker lights, brake lights work, but can't for the life of me figure out why there's no power to the turn signals. Headlights and taillights are both LED, and I bought LED flashers for the hazards and turn signals.
Turn signal switch is brand new as well. Any help is appreciated, thank you

1983 Chevy k10, 350sbc 4 bolt main

Does the truck have an OEM or aftermarket cabin wiring harness?  The OE brown wire from the ignition switch is accessory power.  The turn signals are powered by the ignition circuit.  Is there power in the IGN tap cavities along the left side of the fusebox?

Sorry, I should have added this info in my original post. the truck has an aftermarket wiring harness, where there is no bulkhead connector. As for testing the fuse box, I wont be able to until Thursday.

So the correlation between the OEM and aftermarket wire color scheme, if any exists, maybe happenstance.

Unplug the ignition switch and inspect the plastic floor from which the switch terminals protrude.  Each terminal should be identified (e.g., BAT1/2/3, IGN1/2/3, ACC, GRD1/2, SOL).  Draw a map view of the terminal layout and note what color wires connect to each terminal.  Generally, there are two B+ feeds coming into the switch from the battery, 2-3 ignition out, one accessory out, one starter solenoid out, and two switched ground terminals.  The turn signals will be powered by either the IGN1 or IGN2 terminals; IGN3 is reserved for appliances that require power in the ignition switch "run" and "accessory" positions, but not in the "engine crank" position, for instance, power windows and A/C.  To which terminal does the turn signal fuse connect?

As you work, you can compare the aftermarket harness to the OEM 1983 Wiring Manual to determine just how much deviation exists.

Any help is appreciated
Ignition switch wiring
Orange- Ignition switch acc
Red- Ignition switch power splices off to a Black wire for other ign switch connector
Pink- IGN switch coil
Purple- IGN switch start
Brown- Has no markings on wire but runs from Ignition switch to turn signal fuse which then jumps to the flasher, and the flasher jumps to the turn signal switch

The new ignition switch has no markings, but the old one
Terminals are marked G-I G-2 B1 B2 B3 S A I-1 I-5
Top left is pink top right is brown middle is red bottom left is purple on white connector, middle bottom is orange left is black on black connector

Pink is I-1 brown is A red is B-2 purple is S black is B-3 Orange is I-5
I figured out part of the problem, my truck is technically a 76 but the previous owner swapped everything over too 83, I originally thought it was an 82 so the wiring harness it it is 79-82 but the column is 83 so I swapped the orange and brown wire, now I have power to the turn signal fuse and flasher, but still no turn signals.


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