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Hub Cap/Wheel Cover Types


Looking at an options/spec sheet for 1978 Chevy pickups, there are two different options for wheel trim. One is RPO code P03 “Bright Metal Hub Caps”. This option opens the option for code P06 “Trim Rings”. Then there is RPO code P01 “Wheel Covers”. On late 70’s c20s I’ve only seen ones that look like this. Which are these, 01 or 03? And what do the other ones look like? Thanks!

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Stewart G Griffin:
The 1/2 ton covers have 5 "spokes" instead of 6 that the 3/4 tons have.

There's a link that's pretty descriptive, but may take a while for me to find it, plus i'm busy.  Although i am currently just eating and sitting in front of the computer......


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