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Hey everyone, I made the very dumb mistake of not checking my oil. As a result, the truck burned almost all of it and it threw a rod. So here I am, a college student with an extremely tight budget and a broken truck asking what my best option is.

Before it threw the rod, the piston was loosened and hitting the head. Then, the next day when I tried to start it to drive onto a trailer, it came off completely and seized. Because of all of that, I don't know if it's even worth trying to reuse the block or even the heads. I could send it into a machine shop, but if a used engine is cheaper I'd rather just go that route. I'm on Facebook and Craigslist every day looking for good options, so far haven't found something I'm 100% happy with. What any advice on what route to go? How often do people just run it without any machine work? This engine is a crate 350 with very low miles, but it is also old. It was put in the truck at least 20 years ago and then it was driven very little.

Finish disassembly evaluate the damage/wear.

Get estimates on repairs and compare costs.

Right on.

We'd like to hear what happens next too 8)

If you're on an extremely tight budget, throw a used engine in until you are not.


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