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Body lift, raise fuel tank?

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I purchased a 2" body lift for my '87 R-10 (PA-522 as an enabler for future mods (to get a 2wd cab to clear a transfer case). Heard that 2" would get the t-case to fit, but 1" wouldn't be enough.

I'm curious, the folks that have done a body lift, did you also raise up the fuel tanks?

Seems like it would stick out like a sore thumb if you didn't. I'm guessing it's pretty straightforward and self explanatory, or are there any tips & tricks I should know?

The fuel tank stays put

I would rather modify the tunnel than install a body lift. Nothing looks right with a body lift.

I have to agree with VZ.

Suspension lift yes on some trucks, body not so much.

Just doesn't look natural.

But hey! If it floats your boat, play through!  8)

I would think raising the tanks up the frame would look weirder. It would be easy enough to fab up some tin to make filler skirts between the frame and body if the light gap underneath was too distracting. Changing the tunnel around makes the most sense to me.


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