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I have a 1977 c10 that Iím restoring with my father. This summer we are hoping to get the bed off and starting working on that. My questions is what type of wood should I use for my wood bed cause whatís on there right now is rotted to heck and thatís oak. I was looking at old growth tidewater red cypress itís a hardwood, but wears like pine I liked it cause of it natural weather resistants, but now Iím not sure about. Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of wood to use that weather resistant and durable cause I still want to use the truck as a truck?

I have two beds that need replacement, looked into material from a hardwood store. Was directed to "quarter sawn" red oak.

When its cut like that the expansion and contraction with heat and cold is different from regular sawn planks.

The challenge is that you will have to have the planks milled to, I think, 5/8 from 3/4 thickness.

Seal on all sides with tung oil and I think I'll be good to go for a few more decades, well, at least the truck.


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