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Horn Relay always hot to the touch - horn doesnít work

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I have an 83 c20 which I have owned for years, and drove in high school and college. I just got got back after it lived untouched in a barn in NM for 13 years. The horn does not work at all. I cannot locate a horn in the area of the grille forward of the radiator (and donít know where else to look). The fuse is good, but the horn relay is hot to the touch all of the time. Even with the key in the off positron for days, the relay was hot. I replaced it, and got the same result. I have no idea where to begin. Any help is appreciated.

Remove the fuse until you find the problem.  Potential fire.  The horn button or a short in the steering column is most likely the problem

Does the horn relay click when you press the horn button?

Zieg85 - good looking out. First thing I did. 

VileZambonie - yes, it does.

Go directly to the horns and bust out the test light.


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