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Hello Fellow Square Body Peeps -

Still working on my '78, down to tailgate, bed, and trim. 

Question #1 - My trim has oxidized - no surprise there for a 44 year old truck.  I would really appreciate some expert advice on how to bring the luster back to my trim and keep it looking nice. 

Question #2 - My trim has the black stripe in it.  It looks like some black tape was used AND there was black paint under it.  There are some areas of the black that need some freshining up.  If I paint it, how do i prep and what do i use to paint it.  Or........should I use an appropriate width tape and if so, where can I buy quality tape that will stick and not peel off.  I bought some and it just starts peeling off.

Thanks for the help as always.

Someone probably used pinstriping tape instead of repainting them. Once you get them stripped, a bench mounted buffer will make them look like new. Then mask and repaint. If you are not removing them from the truck then it's a lot more tape and time.

Thank you.  If I want to repaint, what type of paint should I use that will not flake off and how do I prep the metal as in do I wipe down with acetone or painting prep?

Clean them with a good solvent and use a good etch primer. Then use a good quality automotive paint that has UV resistant properties like SEM trim black.

Ok, thanks so much.


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