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Smoke from steering column

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I just picked up a 1974 Suburban and have only driven it a few miles. After a few trouble free miles, I started it tonight and noticed the left turn signal indicator was illuminated on the dash. No flashing, just lit up.  I moved the turn signal stalk from left/right a few times, still the left indicator is lit up.  I pull in the driveway and smoke or coming from the column.  I turned truck off, smoke quit, but the left turn indicator is still on. 

I didn't change anything before this, and the turn signals worked perfect. 

Likely a simple failure of the turn signal switch?  Or likely a larger problem?  Truck has aftermarket cruise control so the turn signal stalk has been changed. 

Welcome to the site!

The turn signal switch ribbon cable that runs down the column may be pinched or chafed.  Locate the flat turn switch connector on the right side of the column behind the dash and unplug it to see if the indicator lamp extinguishes and the smoke quits.  If the problems go away it's time to remove the steering wheel and the switch for closer inspection/replacement.

Thank you!  I will try that tomorrow!

Smoke is never good...good thing you caught it!

Welcome from SoCal San Diego BTW  ;)

Reminds me of being 17 when I worked 50 miles north of San Diego, a town called Fallbrook. I took a job in AG, citrus and avocados.

Pulled up into the parking lot, turned off my '57 Apache and she kept running! Spent the weekend replacing the wiring harness, or should I say, patching her back together...

Hope you get the problem solved, we always enjoy success stories.


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