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Rewire starter + kill switch


Hawaiian Rust Fighter:
87 suburban v20 5.7
Replaced fusible link to starter and had to remove starter to see solenoid posts, which was good since I found 2 other wires with worn insulation. All wires are fixed but not color coded correctly, need to figure out which goes where. Also, I have a toggle under my dash installed by previous owner that I believe is an ignition kill switch, but unsure. Can't remember all wires I pulled off, need help before I just go for it on random idiot status and fry more wires. P's & T's

Hi and welcome from SoCal San Diego.

Sounds like you have a number of issues.

First- before random acts of destruction, take pics of everything.

Second, sounds like two wires were repaired at the starter, right? You have a fifty fifty chance of getting it right. Not bad odds.

After reconnect, if your starter turns the motor over, you're good to go. If not, switch the two.

Kill switch is not a bad thing as long as you remember it's there.


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