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Probably a Dumb Question

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Happy New Year! y'all, well here it is 2023 and since my truck is still sitting at the mechanics when I have time I guess Ill have to go work on it (thankfully all the big projects are already done so I don't have to lay in the mud ). So I gotta tear apart the steering column again as well as check fuses. Ive searched the site and could not find where the wiper switch plugs in at? 


I think you'll find it here

Does your question pertain to your '87?  Does it have delay wipers?

Yes its on the '87 and yes it has delay wipers and cruise

The wiper switch ribbon cable piggybacks the turn signal switch ribbon cable.  Both ribbon cables along with the cruise control switch cable run through a flat, black plastic protective conduit along the lower side of the steering column.  As both cables exit the conduit, the turn signal cable plugs directly into the dash harness at the right side of the column while the wiper switch cable folds back on itself and then plugs into one end of the wiper delay module attached to the bottom of the steering column just behind the small removable dash panel directly below the column.  The opposite end of the delay module plugs into the dash harness.

Why do you need to strip the column apart?  Are you blowing wiper fuses or ________________?


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