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Currently in the process of swapping all the bulbs to LED.  I have purchased the new flasher style so the LEDs will work.  My question is, do I need to replace all the bulbs at the same time or will the electronic flasher operate both LED and incandescent bulbs until I can change them all?  TIA!

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Actually, as long as you have one or two incandescent bulbs on each side you should be able to use a standard flasher until your conversion is complete.

The solid state flashers work with all bulb types

Solid States?  I got the new flasher from Amazon.  Where do I get the “Solid State” one?

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Solid state vs Mechanical

OEM flashers relied on heat generation from the bulbs load to open and close a contact.

LED's don't produce the heat required, so as bd said, keep one incandescent bulb in the circuit till you have the solid state flasher ready to replace the mechanical one.


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