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Door handle and latch pics
« on: August 22, 2010, 02:44:13 PM »
I had to install the rod for the outside handle to the latch, so I took some pics of what it looks like somewhat exposed. What a pain in the butt that was. I took the pics in hopes of providing them for others who need to mess around with their door handle and latch. The large

Below is the backside of the exterior handle. The head of the vertical rod sits in a hole and the rest is held securely with a clip. When I took it apart, the clip was bent up so I bent it back the way I thought it should go. I works, so that is all that matters. The bottom part of the rod faces the rear of the door when installed, so it should be spun in the pic. To remove the door handle, there are two bolts holding it on. Your window must be up to access the "forward" bolt. The "rear" bolt is at the door edge. After the bolts are removed, you push in the button and pull it out.

Below is the main latch system and electric lock. The vertical rod is the door lock rod and the horizontal rod is for the interior handle. The vertical hole in the bracket in the background is for the lock cylinder. The long black bracket that is laying at a diagonal is the rear  window channel. The bracket coming off of it matches up with the top hole to the right of the small square on the door (Its the hole with the dark circle around it). If you see the small tab that has two holes stacked on top of each other, that is where the exterior handle rod attaches to. It takes a special clip to retain the rod. The rod fits into the lower hole. The upper hole is for a small tab on the retaining clip. I don't have a pic of the retaining clip.

Ya,  I need a pull strap bracket. That piece of metal is welded to the door. I also need to find arm rest brackets and arm rests.

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Re: Door handle and latch pics
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 06:54:31 PM »
Thats awesome! 


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