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Blower Motor Relay info (Keeps blowing fuses)

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Hello all, I switched out my blower motor relay because mine was working Intermittently. So after i put the new one it kept blowing fuses, swaped back to the old one and it works fine. I believe it may be the wrong relay, but my parts store says its the right one. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

78 Chevyrado:
look at my posts in this thread:,24232.0.html

All parts stores give a "correct part number relay" for my truck that only fries itself and blows fuses...  the new relay you just bought is now fried, return it, get another just like it and modify it like in the thread i posted...

78 Chevyrado, Is this the same one you are talking about? That is the only resistor I see on there.

78 Chevyrado:
That's it man!  I had to cut that resistor out of my new relay for it to work.    Is the resistor in the pic one you already tried or is it totally new/untried?  if you already tried this relay the resistor should be burnt up. 

I had checked out All the truck wiring and connectors and it was fine so i finally pulled the cover off the 4th new relay and the resistor was burnt up, so i snipped it out of the 5th new one and its worked ever since.

I did have on hand at the time the orignal relay that came in the truck new, and it was identical EXCEPT the OE relay did not have that resistor in it.

That is the one I fried, thanks for all your help, I will give it another shot sometime this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.


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