Author Topic: Cutting down a Long bed to short bed dimensions  (Read 17241 times)

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Cutting down a Long bed to short bed dimensions
« on: September 24, 2010, 01:48:13 AM »

Hey guys I'm going to shorten my long bed for the front  i will cut off five to eight inch and overlap the front part to the right length and trim off the rest then spot weld it and for the rear move the cross member and cut it to length

here's some pics


Some more pics  i think the floor turned out good :) and wasn't that much work  ;)also these floors are galvanized
I'm started on the floor first and any bedside will bolt right on next i will do the bedsides  JM

these are the sections i cut and removed the front i made my first line right on the front of the stake hole and in the back i cut it here because it seemed place for  transitioning
the taper of the rail    then i used a flange tool from harbor freight  i flanged the center of the bedsides not the ends then punched a hole in the ends every inch or so and spot welded it  and between the spot welds i tacked the seem together

the first two pic's were test pieces ( white  lines )

Putting it back together:

Well its done turned out ok the finish work wasn't perfect but good for a daily driver



this was a lot of work !!! :P  if you can afford new parts it would be well worth it
I don't know even after it was one piece again there was a lot of work left like filler priming and sanding and more primer and more sanding .

lets say there was over time at work i could of made money if i was to buy new parts
but i wanted to see if i could shorten it

if your looking to save money shorten the floor and get some new sides

To see the whole project, look here:,17340
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