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Radio install in my 81
« on: October 20, 2010, 09:19:25 PM »

hey all i just installed my sony ipod deck in my truck and thought id share how i got it to work.

first i laid out on my new bezel where i wanted the radio to sit, i chose to raise it up a tiny bit so the top covers the area that the origional square was, leaving the rest below it unseen

after double and triple checking it in the truck to make sure its perfect, the slow cutting with a small dremel bit began. because i didnt want it to look all hacked up i took my time and checked with the radio trim bezel through out the cutting.

when i was done i had 2 pieces of radio knob surround off and a bit of trimming behind the bezel to make it flat also, but it was perfect on the bench for a dry fit

next i had to make a bracket for the dash as the PO ruined it with 2 horizontal cuts and folded back steel, it was a train wreak, so using the post from JackJeckel757(great idea champ!), i made a bracket that worked great. its more finished then this step, but this is to get the main idea. just to showcase multiple checking, the black outline was my first check, the red is when i actually screwed the bezel in properly and redrew it, that was close lol

finished product, looks great, only the gap below the radio that you dont even notice, and no visible cuts outside of the radio trim ring. the noe pic that looks like a cut above the radio is dirt that i didnt clean off for the pic, but you get the idea.

all in all great mini project that took me away from my power window and lock install while i was planning that out, and really matches the interior perfectly. i hated cutting the new bezel, but im very pleased with the results.

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