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« on: April 05, 2014, 04:53:14 PM »
Ok guys, I'm about ready to give up.......    I have an 82 diesel 2-wheel drive that I have taken about everywhere.   This winter it died on me and I thought the fuel had gelled(Iowa).  I thawed out the truck and got it running but wouldn't stay running.   I changed the fuel pump and thought that did it.  I drove it about 15 miles and once again it died.   Now, I replaced the fuel pump, 6-port valve selector, both sending units and the switch on the dash for the dual tanks.  I also put in new filters....     

I'll fill up the metal canister filter on the firewall with fuel and get it running.  It will run for a few minutes and then dies.  Take off the canister and it will be 3/4 down.  So I am assuming it's not getting fuel but can't figure out how that's possible after everything I've done????  Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.  Thanks

ps   I did put a fuel jug in the engine compartment and ran the line off the filter into the can and it will run that way???

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I assume it's puffing white exhaust smoke.  Does it do it on both tanks?  Do the fuel lines appear rusty?  Have you traced all of your fuel lines for obvious perforations, deteriorated rubber, loose clamps, fittings, etc?  When you replaced the pump, did you reset the timing?  Are you measuring consistent voltage to the fuel solenoid?  How about the advance solenoid?  Are the glow plugs cycling correctly?  Have you checked them with an ohmmeter?

To check for air entering the system, pick up a 3/8" clear plastic line about 12" long and fit it into the fuel supply line before the filters.  Run the engine.  If bubbles pass through the line while the engine is running, work your way back toward the tanks until the bubbles disappear.  Air will be leaking into the system between the location of the "clear line" and the preceding test location that showed bubbles.  You might also try plumbing the 'fuel jug' up to the supply line at the selector valve, bypassing all of the plumbing rearward to the tanks, to see if the problem clears up.
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