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77 crew cab 2wd to 4wd

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Well my 77 crew cab arrived from Texas finally so I figured I'd start a build thread for all the people asking about 2wd to 4wd swaps.   Seems lots say it's easier to swap cabs or its not possible. One person keeps spewing this with zero experience and detouring people from trying.  I have an 85 crew cab that was converted.  They did a hack job and cab was super rusty. I just used it as a mud beater and decided to redo it cause I've always wanted a nice crew cab.  Here's a picture of it.

It needed floors, cab corners, rockers, pretty much everything to shorten the list.  I found a 77 crew cab in Texas to rob the cab and bed to save time.

So the 77 arrived today. It is super solid no rust except a hole in one fender.  Complete no pieces missing. Never been messed with except a small collision in frony they put later model grille and stuff in it. Since I have to swap fix and mend most the suspension and mounts on the other truck I've decided I'm just going to convert this one to 4wd. 
Hopefully document it well to show people what it really involves swapping these trucks over.
Plans are 73-74 grille, 8 inches of lift, 37" tires, green and white paint, and all new interior. 
This will probably take a while but hopefully ill have the suspension and swap stuff changed in the next couple weeks.
What is involved...
Rear springs I'm using an ORD shackle flip and the front rear hanger must be changed to 4wd. They hang lower than 2wd.

Front end. Cut out all the 2wd steering and engine cross member. It's riveted in. Replace crossmember with 4wd one.

Front springs core support mounts 4wd have front hanger built in. Drill holes and mount rear shackles.

Steering. Get a 4wd steering box and steering linkages.

Changing trans and transfer case obviously.  Drill holes for new cross member

Trans tunnel.  Either body lift or I have a bolt in tunnel so believe I'm going to replace.

Shafts and small stuff that's about it.  Time consuming because of all the rivets but not bad.

Here's some photos of what I'm starting with.  I love solid unmolested trucks! 
Plans for this weekend are remove bed, install hangers and springs for rear, paint rear frame and underside of bed with chassis saver.
Well here she is.


Welcome from Northern Illinois. What a great truck to start with, love those western trucks. I am anxious to see how this build turns out. You could leave the 2wd steering box and go with crossover steering.

Yeah I thought about that but I have a new 4wd steering box and all the parts


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