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'84 C20 CC Gas Line Cross over, routing of gas lines


Hoping someone has an '84 C20 CC with the bed removed and can take a photo of how the gas lines run from the driver side to the passenger side.  I'll attach a couple photos.  The crossover is above where the 2 piece driveshaft connects together.  My gas lines are not correct, but I just have them there temporarily until I can understand the appropriate routing from the drivers side.  My gas tank are slightly raised to hide them under the bed as I have a 2" body lift.

Hoping someone has their gas lines viewable for a photo or two....., thanks!

Here is a pic of the lines from my build. I eventually cut them a bit shorter and installed filters and a little longer rubber hose to make it easier to disconnect when bed is on.

Since it will be much easier coming out of the gas solenoid with stainless braided line to the fuel pump, does anyone see a downside to that?  The length is about 7 feet from the solenoid output to the mechanical fuel pump......  thanks.

If I may, w/o having researched the circumstances myself - an important consideration may depend on the type of AN hose that you use and the method of attachment to the fuel nipples at the switching valve and pump.  Oxygenated fuels (that is, fuels that contain alcohol) are aggressively corrosive and very drying to many SS hose linings, resulting in premature aging, cracking, and fluid leakage.  Linings made from rubber are especially susceptible to accelerated decay.  PTFE lining is, perhaps, the most tolerant of oxygenated gasoline.  That being stated, it seems to me that you should research thoroughly the most suitable hose types along with safe and secure hose attachment solutions before committing to the investment and potential risk.  A simple hose or fuel injection clamp may not work with all AN hose types.  Another consideration is that the SS hose should be routed and secured such that it cannot rub against any other lines or wiring since the SS braid is very hard and abrasive when compared to most other automotive materials.  SS braid can actually saw through adjacent steel lines and other SS hoses when allowed to rub against them for a long enough period.

Thanks for the information.  I will likely stick with the steel line that I have then even though it's not as flexible, I'll have to see if I can make it work, and make some minor bends with a tubing bender.


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