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A while (years) back I bought new door panels and was very unhappy with them because they were hard cheap rigid plastic and one had cracked when I was installing it. The original (OEM) panels that came with my truck was more of a flexible plastic that was of better quality.

Now the question, does anyone know where we can get the original style door panels that are not made of some cheap hard rigid plastic? where you can change the window velvet runners, not stapled in like some of the new cheap junk.


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Are the panels in the forum store of good quality, not the cheap plastic?

You can still find a nice set of used ones. Clean them up real nice and dye them and I'm sure you'll be happy. I only know of one company offering oe style reproductions and no one seems to be getting them withing a year of ordering.

Thanks VZ for the info. I still have the originals that my truck had when new. I will try to fix them up for now.


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