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Need advice for 86 1/2 ton K10

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I bought an 86 1/2 ton K10 with no drivetrain other than the front and rear 3.43 axles. It came originally with a v6 and 4 speed manual trans. I have a rebuilt 350 to install but I don't know what to do about a trans and transfer case. I'd like to be able to drive it on the freeway and am thinking a 700r4 would be good. I'm not off roading it just a year round driver in Michigan. If I put a 4 speed manual back in it I don't think it would be good on the freeway but am I wrong? What would I need for 700r4 swap?

700R4/NP208 is an easy find and good fit. Find someone parting out, junkyard or buy a parts truck and you'll get all you need.

Should I even consider just finding a sm465 and np205 and putting it back to what it was? With 4th gear being 1:1 and 3.43 gears could it keep up in the expressway?

Keep up? Depends where you live and if everyone drives slow  :D Where I live you get tailgated at 95MPH on the highway so school bus trans isn't exactly the best option for that. The 465 is old school and good around town. Not made for today's crazy highway driving.

Thank you I appreciate the info


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