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I'm starting a bit late on keeping track of progress on my GMC. I bought the truck 5 years ago and lowered it 5.5" front and 5" rear. Eventually the first 350 developed a knock. So I replaced it with another 350. I soon decided I had to have airride. So when Air Ride tech came out with their Strong Arms, I bought the entire front Air Ride kit for 73-87 Chevys and 4 Bar for the back. Now I'm redoing the rear suspension and putting in the third small block. I will admit right now I killed the second 350. It had valve noise and I decided it was time to learn to adjust valves. Well I killed the cam and learned a lot. If the second engine's problems had been just a wasted cam, I would have kept it. But it leaked like a screen door on a submarine. And I had bought a new 350 crate motor for my F-100 project truck. So the new crate motor has a new home. At about the same time my valves got loud the airride compressor sucked in some dirt and it self destructed, 4 months after the 1 year warranty expired.

These pics are from today. I took a vacation this week to get shop cleaned and get the engine in the GMC. Tomorrow I hope to get the engine in the truck, and get everything hooked up. I still need a compressor for my suspension, and I'm considering an engine driven compressor.

I spent most of the afternoon in the engine bay with a scrub brush and a water hose. I used degreaser and spary can engine cleaner in the driveway. After I pushed the truck back into the shop I got some rags and Simple Green and finished the cleaning. It isn't spotless but a lot cleaner than the mess I started with. My wife was overjoyed when I asked her to help me push the truck from the shop to our driveway and back up the ramps into the shop.

Awesome pics.....the chronicles of Lon's GMC.......Good job.


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