Author Topic: My 1987 R10 1/2 ton 5.3 LM7 swap... Feedback on the build, thoughts, advice?  (Read 513 times)

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Hey yall! Its been awhile since I posted. Still here though, still got my baby. But here's where I'm at.....

So I decided to swap the 305 for an LS.... like everybody and their brother, lol. I know! But at any rate, after originally looking at the LY6/LQ4/LQ9 as a 6 liter option. I decided to drop to a 5.3l and settled on an LM7. Didnt wanna deal with newer 5.3s and the VVT and other BS. The LM7 after researching seemed and sounded like the best option.

Originally was going to buy a used engine/trans combo but decided building a fresh motor and buying a fresh trans would be my preferred option. Even if I had to walk everywhere a little longer.

I wanted to drop what I had thus far on the build. The biggest questions i have are WHAT AM I MISSING? and WHAT CAM TO USE?
1. Engine - $3,569
High-Performance LS Crate Engine [GM LS 5.3L LM7 460 HP / 425 ft.-lbs. TQ]
JEGS Performance 5.3L engine was designed to be a performance upgrade for 1999-2007 LM7 truck applications or LS swap vehicles. This engine has a noticeable idle and provides large power gains in the mid to upper RPM range. For optimal performance intake and headers recommended. An ECU tune and upgraded injectors are required.
1A) $5,013 High-Performance LS Crate Engine Kit [GM LS 5.3L LM7 460 HP / 425 ft.-lbs. TQ]
LS Crate Engine Kit / JEGS GM LS High-Performance Crate Engine Kit Includes:
JEGS High-Performance Crate Engine GM LS 5.3L 460 HP / 425 ft.-lbs. TQ - 059-5300, Holley Dual Plane Mid-Rise Intake Manifold - 510-300-130, ICT Billet Valley Pan Cover Plate - 335-551629, JEGS LS Timing Cover - 555-50320, MSD Ignition Controller - 121-6014, JEGS Retrofit Oil Pan - 555-50239

2) $2,307 FiTech 75213 LS Master Kit W/ 70013, Plus Force Fuel Delivery # 52175213,433533.html

2a) ALTERNATE OPTION $1,956 FiTech 71001 Ultimate LS EFI 500HP Fuel Injection SystemS #52171001,328451.html

4) $579 Speedway 1999-2003 Vortec V8 Wiring Harness #91009903,46373.html

5) $913 1973-87 C-10 LS Swap Radiator with Oil Pan/Headers Conversion Kit # 9100265,468658.html
Complete your next LS Swap into that 1973-87 C10 Squarebody Pickup Truck with these installation conversion kits featuring headers, motor mounts, oil pan, and radiator with hose adapter.

5A) ALTERNATE OPTION $724 LS Swap 31 Inch Double Pass Radiator w/Dual Electric Fans/Oil Pan,468527.html

6) $787 #72042051 Trans-Dapt 42051 Engine Swap Kit, 1973-91 C10/C15 2WD,282355.html
Swaps GM LS Engine into 1973-91 2WD Chevy/GMC C10/C15 Trucks and SUVs 1-3/4" tube diameter          5 quart capacity       3" exhaust diameter          Automatic/Manual transmission   Uncoated finish   Kit does not include an o-ring for the oil pump pickup tube       Oil pan does not have an option for an oil filter, therefore, oil filter relocation kit # 289-81019 is suggested

7) 4L60e (ANOTHER topic for ANOTHER day)

8) $403.95 DiabloSport Predator 2 Platinum Programmers 7220

9) $75.60 LS1/LS2/LS6/5.3/6.0 to TH350/700R4/4L60 Adapter Flexplate #57534610,60449.html
5.3/6.0 to TH350/700R4/4L60 Adapter Flexplate  This flexplate allows the use of GM TH350, 700R4, 200-4R, 4L60, and Powerglide transmissions with Gen III LS engines    Works with 10.75" and 11.066" (11.1") torque converter bolt patterns   Works with factory LS starter to reduce conversion costs

10) $479 K&N 77 Series High-Flow Performance Air Intakes 77-3070KP

11) $579 Speedway 1999-2003 Vortec V8 Wiring Harness,46373.html
WHAT am I missing? I do wanna upgrade the cam a bit. She wont be towing ANYTHING so no need for a cam geared for that. Something that will wake up that 5.3 even MORE.

So the long block I'd still need a few things. Correct me if I'm wrong and I am SURE I'm missing something but....
Adding on the flexplate, the Trans-Dapt kit with the radiator/electric fans, the FiTech intake/TB/injectors/wiring kit. My brain is fried going over prices and links and reading info. Hahaha